Meet Robert

To See Why Our Mission is to Understand our Clients’ Needs and Aspirations
and Help Them to Achieve Their Financial Goals.

Financial Planning Tools

What your personal ascent to prosperity looks like is unique to you and each step along the way can be carefully planned and achieved with training.

Fiduciary Services

We provide clients with a trusted financial advisor who manages assets, estates, trusts and any other entities as needed, always for the benefit of the client.

Retirement Plan Design

With our strategic and intentional process we offer highly valuable and reliable corporate retirement design options so you can feel confident with your future.

Consulting for Professional Athletes

Ensure that your success in your sport is matched by success in your finances. RJ Patterson can help keep you fiscally fit to ascend to new heights with your wealth.

Investment Management Skills

We at RJ Patterson Group are very invested in our investment management program. We are proud to use our skills and experience to coach and develop our clients into confident, successful investors.

RJ Patterson Group Provides Comprehensive
Financial Planning Advice

RJ Patterson Group provides comprehensive financial planning advice, Focusing on managing the investment needs of high-net-worth clients, businesses, and other selected individuals. We develop customized retirement plans specifically designed to help clients manage their assets, meet their financial goals and enhance their financial potential. Our broad financial planning knowledge and experience includes retirement and estate planning, 401(k)s, stock options, equities, fixed income funds, insurance services, and mutual funds.

As trusted advisors, we seek to enhance your financial success and security. We believe successful wealth management is based on a big picture approach. By taking a long-range view and establishing strong relationships with our clients, we can provide a higher level of personalized, comprehensive wealth advisory services.