Corporate Retirement

No matter what industry you work in, you have the goal of creating a positive and stable future for you and your employees, right? We understand. Here at RJ Patterson Group, we use our experience to do just that for our clients and want to help you achieve your own goals in designing the best corporate retirement plan for you and your employees. As a Certified Retirement Planning Specialist, our Founder RJ Patterson provides leadership to the Groupin corporate retirement design services that make a lifelong impact.

While interacting with plan sponsors, you may well find yourself facing some challenges over current plans. This is where we come in. With our strategic and intentional process, RJ Patterson Group will offer highly valuable and reliable corporate retirement design options, so you and your employees can feel confident and secure with the future.

A Retirement Plan On The Path
You Want To Be

RJ Patterson Group is proud to offer trusted advisors to help you determine the best ascent to prosperity. We design retirement plans carefully to help our clients and their employees manage assets, attain financial goals and ascend to their financial potential. We use our broad financial planning knowledge and experience to assist our clients with retirement and estate planning, 401(k)s, stock options, equities, fixed income funds, insurance services, and mutual funds.

At RJ Patterson Group, we consult with business owners to ensure all employees on staff are going to be comfortable and successful with their corporate retirement design. As you know, business needs change over time. We believe in adapting to shifting goals and needs, so we’ll be here to let you know about any changes to plans that may improve participants’ outcomes or lower plan costs.

Personalized Fiduciary Excellence

We believe it’s important to be aware of all potential opportunities before making decisions, so you can choose the best current options on the market. It is our job to make sure all your choices pass a standard of excellence and provide the very best possible outcomes with the current retirement options.

To make sure everyone is confident with the corporate retirement design, we work with a variety of providers to find the right fit, providers such as:

Something important to note? The Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a proposed fiduciary rule, a 2015 edition. As you can see in this Forbes article, the goal of the new proposed fiduciary rule is this: Require more retirement investment advice and planning to be in each client’s or employee’s best interest.

How does the DOL propose this be done? By means such as requiring a best interest standard that would expand the type of retirement advice covered by fiduciary protections.As long as an advisor is paid to provide advice, they would have to, guaranteed, put client’s interests first.

Whether or not this new fiduciary rule goes through, we at RJ Patterson Group already put our clients’ interests first and will continue to provide service that is always in our clients’ (and their employees’) best interests.

Design Your Ascent to Prosperity

If you’re ready to design your own retirement plan with us, we invite you to think about these questions beforehand. What are the overall goals for your retirement plans?

  • What is the current participation rate of your current plan?
  • Are a majority of employees contributing the maximum amount or upping the amount they contribute annually?
  • How often do you survey plan users to see how they feel and get feedback on their retirement design?

Could you improve on any of these? Or want to learn about what we have to offer? Let us know; we at RJ Patterson Group are ready to help you on the path to prosperity.