Professional Athlete Consulting

We’ve all heard the phrase there’s no “I” in “Team” too many times. Though this idea of teamwork is incredibly important on the field, there needs to be a different mindset when it comes to your financial planning. Why? Because your finances are all about you and what your future holds. if you want to be fiscally fit, let’s work together on your goals and focus on that “I”.

We at the RJ Patterson Group are proud to train our clients to retain financial success. Just like a sports coach earns trust through helping his or her players to achieve their goals, we’ve built trusting relationships with our clients by doing the same. How? By helping our clients ascend to new heights with their wealth.

Keep Your Growing Wealth

According to Sports Illustrated, in an article by Pablo S. Torre, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or experienced extreme financial distress as a result of divorce or unemployment within two years of retiring. Similarly, approximately 60% of former NBA players experience the same phenomenon, becoming bankrupt within five years of retiring.

At RJ Patterson Group, we make sure you have a personalized training plan, setting realistic long-term and short-term goals, so you’re in the percent who ascend to the top and reach financial success. Most people are unable to do it, but if you’re ready, we’ll train you on the ascent to prosperity.

Registered Independent Advisor For The NFL Players Association

As a Registered Independent Advisor for the NFL Players Association, I coach my clients that getting started is not about having the perfect plan; it’s about being prepared to change the plan along the way. A mountain climber doesn’t decide each and every foothold before starting ascent just like a football player doesn’t start his career with a clear retirement plan.

Pro athletes have a plan but the excellent athletes carefully adjust with each step. Just remember this: Reaching the top only requires the perseverance to keep putting one foot in front of the other. All you have to do is train to be fiscally fit so you can master your financial decisions just like you mastered your sport.

Financial Training On Par With Athletic Training in San Diego

The head of the RJ Patterson Group, Robert James Patterson himself, is a registered investment advisor for the NFL Players Association. He knows what it takes to ensure finances are as on top of the game as the players are. He does this by breaking goals into clearly defined and manageable chunks, then taking each step one at a time.

He particularly loves being based out of San Diego for this work. Why? As a professional athlete, you know that San Diego is one of the best climates to train year round. It’s why athletes from all over the world come to America’s Finest City to prepare for their upcoming seasons. While you enhance your sport skills here in San Diego, we’ll guide you to the top of your finance game so you can also reach your peak fiscal fitness.

Ensure that your success in your sport is matched by success in your finances. Why is it important to be fiscally fit? Because well managed wealth means resources for years to come, when you might not be making those physical tackles or sprints anymore.

Contract Review by A Third Party Is Like Cross Training For Financial Strength

One of the services we cater to for professional athletes is the review of contracts. We’ll discuss the merits of proposed contracts and, with your financial interests in mind, provide honest suggestions accordingly. Sometimes the worst naysayer is yourself, so we’ll be here to remind you about your commitment to success and stamina on the ascent to prosperity.

For example, when asked to renew your contract for next season, have you been given the best offer? What are other elements you may not have considered? As long as there’s no link between the RJ Patterson Group advisor and the professional team, we are happy to review the financial aspects of your contract to make sure you have an offer on the table that is completely clear.

In addition to this, we’re prepared to train you to retain your wealth and reach all your financial goals and needs during life’s major milestones, such as:

  • 401ks, retirement and estate planning, so you don’t have to worry about your lifestyle and legacy after you’ve moved on from professional sports.
  • Seeing what financial goals and investments are right for you, some examples being:
    • Stock Options
    • Equities
    • Fixed Income Funds

As it says in this article in Forbes, “It is important that you plan for your retirement, the time when you will no longer be able to practice your profession.”

At RJ Patterson Group, we work as a team to make that plan happen. We understand that your time on the field is what’s most important; we want to keep you focused on the numbers on the scoreboard, not the numbers in your bank account. Let us help you save time and stress by guiding financial decisions that’ll affect your life for years to come. It’s time to ascend to the top of your financial mountain and plan your ascent to prosperity.

Why? Because there’s truly no limit to what you can accomplish with a proper plan and training. Dream big, commit yourself and look forward to training for the ascent to wealth.