A Trusted Guide On The Ascent To Prosperity

We provide clients with a trusted financial advisor who manages assets, estates, trusts and any other entities as needed, always for the benefit of the client. In short, our clients wishes and needs come first every time. On the climb towards ever greater wealth we know that the investment climate changes and we are poised to help you navigate each step of the way to make sure reaching the top remains the number one priority.

The RJ Patterson Group will provide you with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) who’ll offer you the best of fiduciary services. RIAs gain that title through registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission or state securities regulators, ultimately enforcing their commitment to carrying fiduciary duty in clients’ best interest. With this guarantee, clients can feel safe and secure, knowing that they have a trusted financial advisor to handle their fiduciary needs with the right intentions.

Fiscal Fitness and Financial Planning

When Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the top of Mount Everest in 1953, it wasn’t spontaneous success, it was the accumulation of each individual’s hard work, training and preparation. Each climber used their training to build an ability to anticipate challenges and obstacles along the way. They didn’t just start sprinting to the top, their training allowed them to ascend the mountain with confidence and, ultimately, make it to the top.

Ascending the mountain that is financial planning is very similar. There’s just one difference. Instead of reaching a snow­capped peak, you’re reaching your financial goals with peace of mind and an impenetrable happiness. For some people that means preparing for retirement, the ultimate vacation, a dream home or paying for your child’s college tuition.

What your personal ascent to prosperity looks like is unique to you and each step along the way can be carefully planning and achieved with training.

Getting You to the Top

Here at RJ Patterson Group, we want you to be like the well ­trained mountaineer. We understand how hard it can be to think about financial planning when the demands of career and family provide challenges everyday. We believe in training for success and learning to be resilient on the ascent to prosperity so each of your goals is met on time and with as little stress as possible.

We take a unique approach to financial planning. Our focus is on being organized and well trained to make decisions about assets and liabilities. We want you to achieve peak fiscal fitness and position your financial assets for continuous growth. We work hard to train you for decisions that match your propensity for risk.

Reaching the peak of fiscal fitness is not only about the right paperwork and financial advice. Often our biggest obstacle is ourselves. We know the importance of being financially prepared but the task can be daunting because of the very weight of that importance.

Training For Financial Strength

At RJ Patterson Group we break the big task of becoming fiscally fit into steps and train at each point along the way to make sure you’re in control and in the know about major financial decisions.

Financial planning is not just about where to put your money so that it grows, it’s about training to become better at using your money and assets so that they support you for the whole ascent to prosperity. Let’s start your training to achieve peak fiscal fitness and ascend to the top on your ascent to prosperity.

Many people have misconceptions about what saving, wealth creation and creating a living legacy really means. Our job, as your guide, is to help prioritize and show you where your spending and your goals may be misaligned. By highlighting the areas that need change we also uncover where training will help prepare for your ascent to long­term wealth creation.

Everyone wants to plan for the things to look forward to in life ­ like transitioning into retirement, making savvy investments, getting married or having a baby. Planning for transitions that can be more challenging emotionally can be even more difficult when it involves finances. Facing a crossroad in your career is one life change that can leave a lot of open ended questions.

Finding answers at life’s many crossroads is something we can help with at RJ Patterson Group. We want to make sure that no matter what uncertainties arise, you are trained and ready for the challenge. From divorce to a death in the family, most unpleasant life changes have financial consequences. For many people making good decisions is paramount to coming out on top.

Reach The Pinnacle of Financial Success

Do you plan to give a big gift to a newly married family member, invest in a company you believe in, or create a legacy endowment? These are all important financial decisions. Making sure these choices are structured so they align with long­term goals is just one part of ensuring stable footing and progression on the path to prosperity.

Creating long­term wealth is a goal that many people share; the path to getting there is what varies. At RJ Patterson Group we call this The Path To Prosperity. Taking this path means approaching life decisions with discipline and training to ensure choices are aligned with long-
term goals.

Preparing for all of life’s financial challenges impacts not just finances but the relationships in your life as well. We want to make sure you are prepared to take care of what matters most ­from aging parents to settling a loved one’s estate ­ walking the path of prosperity is especially trying during life changes that affect the ones closest to us. We help guide clients through difficult financial decisions.

As with any training, one goes through practice and hours of preparation to reach a goal. No one ever climbed Everest without careful training and perseverance. This is the same point of view we apply to financial planning; stamina and discipline develop great heights. In this case, the goal is to train you into top fiscal fitness so that you build long­term wealth and a legacy for your future and loved ones.