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Welcome to SmartVestor Pro! Our team loves helping Dave Ramsey fans, followers and SmartVestors with their investments and financial planning needs.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve financial security and success on your Ascent to Prosperity.

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Why We’re a Great Fit for SmartVestors

So why should SmartVestors like yourself work with RJ Patterson Group to realize their dreams of financial freedom, security and success? We know you have lots of options. Here’s our elevator pitch for why RJ Patterson Group is a great fit for you:

#1 We get to know you.

We truly believe that in order to help you achieve YOUR goals, we need to first understand you.

#2 We are a team of professionals dedicated to your success.

We offer a depth and breadth of service, support and expertise that are hard to beat.

#3 We are a fiduciary.

As a both a fiduciary and a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro, we are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards with our clients.

Real Results. Real Success.

At RJ Patterson we pride ourselves on delivering results. A look at how we do it can be found in the case studies below.

Case Study 2: Manufacturing Recurring Revenue.

Overview: Our clients wanted business growth, but were constrained by physical location.

Challenge: While the company owned the building and land on which the business was operating, the property’s odd-shaped lot wasn’t conducive to manufacturing.

Our Solution: When an adjoining property became available, the client didn’t believe it could be purchased due to a lack of funds. RJ Patterson Group analyzed possible financial solutions and created a realistic acquisition plan. As a result, the client was able to make an offer and acquire the additional property.

Our Results: The adjoining lot allowed the use of tractor trailers to easily access the building, greatly increasing manufacturing capacity. The lot is now worth double the client’s original purchase price as a result of this increased usability. The client will also receive rent in perpetuity from the business, providing him passive income long after he retires, because RJ Patterson Group advised the client to set up the additional lot as a separate business entity, enabling the business to lease the property.

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Take the next step. Meet with us to begin our journey to your success.

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Step into our office.

Take the next step. Meet with us to begin our journey to your success.

Let’s start your Ascent to Prosperity now 

Let’s start your Ascent to Prosperity now