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Tips to Navigate a Job Change

Video Transcript

Losing your job can be really very stressful depending on how the circumstances have happened, a lay-off or a possible termination. The survival guide, “Facing a Career Cross Road,” is an important component to navigate the job change market. There are a few tips that you can go through to help make this transition a little bit easier.

1. Keep open communication

The first one is, keep your spouse in the loop. It’s really important to keep an open dialogue and communicate to your spouse and your children, letting them know that you have planned well and you’re excited for the change, and looking for new opportunities in the future. So, be positive through this whole process and keep them in the loop.

2. Listen to concerns

Tip number two, be open and listen to your spouse’s concerns, your children. This is going to impact everybody, so it’s really important to listen.

3. Enjoy time with your family and loved ones

And lastly, you know, this situation, everything happens for a reason. It could be a respite from the hard work that you’ve done, and you may have a lot more time with your family, which I know that they’ll appreciate, having you around, absolutely.

You can access the survival guide online. You can also receive a copy if you call our team members, and we can send it to you as well.

Remember, live for today, save for tomorrow.

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