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How to Prepare to Talk With Your Aging Parents

Video Transcript

For my clients with aging parents, approaching that subject of “How are we going to deal with the necessary planning for aging parents” can be overwhelming and scary. You’re dealing not just with your own emotions, but also your relationship with your parents as they go through this life transition. You really have to be open-minded and put yourself in their position. Ask yourself how they are feeling as they get older, which is probably pretty scared and worried about many different things involving their future.

When you approach them, be optimistic and keep it open and transparent. There are a lot of resources on the internet that you can utilize. Our team has a lot of contacts and would love to help. If you ever feel like things are not moving forward, reach out and ask for help.

As a child with aging parents, you must also realize someday you will be an aged parent. You’ll want to prepare and plan for your children and grandchildren as well, and this is ultimately what multi-generational planning is.

In our concept of the Ascent to Prosperity, addressing this is one of those steps on that climb to the top. We help with preparing and planning, and helping to set up all the legal components and healthcare directives, taking away all the stress and fear you may have.

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